Presto 22” 07061 Electric Griddle Review

The Presto 22” 07061 Electric Griddle has lots to be proud about, as many of its loyalists have been singing its praises. It is popular for feeding lots of hungry mouths at once with ease and efficiency, and it is known not to disappoint with its most basic of features. If you get this griddle, it will be sure not to disappoint. Here below are the many reasons why.

Features of the Presto 22” 07061 Electric Griddle

  • Dimensions: 26.25” x 11.5” x 2.5”
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Large 22” cooking surface
  • Removable handles
  • Master heat control
  • Premium nonstick surface
  • Fully immersible
  • Removable cord
  • Comes with 1-year warranty

Benefits of the Presto 22” 07061 Electric Griddle

The Presto 22” 07061 Electric Griddle is a combination of a few laudable features that when put together make a rather enjoyable product. Its large cooking surface of 22” enables you to cook multiple quantities of food simultaneously.

Imagine flipping one pancake after another and serving up a feast every hectic morning when everything’s in a state of panic. Amid the rush, you’ve got the kitchen under control, sparing no time to feed feet that are practically out the door. Eggs here, bacon there, last night’s take out in the middle—you’ll have room for it all without changing pans.

It comes with a polished black finish that stands out in a clean and neat way. It has a nonstick surface that is made using sturdy aluminum, making the griddle reliable and durable.

The surface can accommodate and accomplish any kind of cooking, anywhere from wet to dry. And you can be sure that cooking is made easy and convenient without having to forcibly scrape food off the surface.

You don’t need to worry about so much grease or how to remove it from your cooking; the griddle comes with a slip-out drip tray that can catch the excess oil and all other excess particles that you don’t want on your food.

You can easily grill different kinds of meat and slide the unwanted fat off. The drip tray can be easily removed so you can clean it whenever you need to without creating a mess.

It comes with a master heat control that allows you to adjust the heat according to your cooking needs. You can have heat gentle enough to make thin, perfectly cooked crepes, or hot enough to take on the challenge of steaks and other tough-to-cook meats.

Whichever setting you choose, the heat control can reliably and automatically maintain the heat, ensuring that you have the consistent temperature you need all throughout your cooking.

You can use a moist cloth to clean it, and you can also remove the heat control to fully immerse the griddle in water. It’s dishwasher safe, so you can wash it along with your other kitchen utensils. You won’t need any tools to assemble and disassemble it; you can detach the handles from the griddle base by simply opening the latch clips.

Without the handles, it measures 18”, which can make it fit effortlessly into standard-sized kitchen cabinets; you can store it in with the cookie sheets and carry trays.

Things to be Aware Of

While this doesn’t affect the performance or quality of the food, the surface comes in a knurled texture of tightly packed diamond-shapes. It doesn’t affect the flavor or the process of the cooking, but the imprint transfers onto fried eggs and pancakes. Those who are a tad bit obsessive-compulsive might find this bothersome, but it just takes a bit of getting used to.

Like most griddles, this brand has issues with providing an even heating surface. Markedly, there are some areas that are hotter than others. This causes uneven cooking in bread and omelets and leaves stripes on pancakes that mark the differently cooked areas.

As observed by its users, this griddle tends to gradually bowl towards the center. Over time, the food just slides to the middle, making cooking more laborious and requiring more attention. This can be quite irritating when you’re cooking two different staples at the same time.

Although the nonstick surface puts up a fight before giving way, the way the griddle dips at the center reduces its capacity to cook lots of food at once.

More health-conscious and innovative releases do not contain PTFE or PFOA on the nonstick surface. Unfortunately, this griddle isn’t one of them.

Bottom Line

This is perhaps one of the most positively reviewed appliances in the electric griddles section. Garnering 4.6 stars out of 5, it was reviewed by more than 1,300 users. A high 76% gave this a perfect score and only 3% were unsatisfied enough to mar its rating with a 1-star feedback.

The Presto 22” 07061 Electric Griddle sits in 2nd place of the best electric griddles sold on Amazon, and it is in 212th place in the entire Home and Kitchen category. It seems as if its disadvantages are inconsequential compared to the remarkable benefits that come at a very affordable price.

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