The Best Griddle for Pancakes

Today, we are going to answer a question that we get asked over and over – What is the best griddle for pancakes, electric or stovetop?

People, the world over, love these soft, golden, slightly spongy discs of nourishing goodness. Pancakes are versatile, easy to cook and quick. Whether you want to whip a batch up to enjoy with bacon and maple syrup or with fresh fruit and cream, the griddle you use has to be up to the job.

Best griddle for pancakes – what to look for

Before we share with you our list of best griddles for making pancakes, let us, first, explain the criteria we used when putting together this pancake griddle review page.

A hot enough griddle for pancakes

You need a fairly hot cooking surface to get the pancakes to cook right through. Ideally, you want them to have a slightly crispy outside, but still, be soft and slightly bouncy.

We regularly get asked – what temperature do you cook pancakes at on a griddle? Well, the answer is simple – the optimum temperature for cooking pancakes is 375 degrees. Therefore, any electric grill or griddle that does not reliably reach that temperature across the entire cooking surface has not been included in our best of list.

A griddle that heats up evenly

The surface you are cooking on needs to heat up evenly. If it does not some of your pancakes will be under-cooked, whilst others will be burnt. When you are cooking up a batch for your family, the last thing you need is for only one side of the griddle to heat up properly. It will take you ages to cook enough if you have to do them two at a time, rather than in batches of six or eight. Therefore, griddles that lots of users say do not heat up evenly have not been included in our list.

A large enough pancake cooking griddle

That brings us to another important consideration. Because most people cook pancakes in batches, the cooking surface needs to be big enough to allow you to cook several at once. Our list includes a range of sizes, small and large because some of our readers only want to griddle pancakes for one person. However, size is something you definitely need to take into consideration when buying a griddle to cook breakfast pancakes.

Good temperature control for evenly cooked pancakes

It is also helpful to have a cooking surface that can quickly be turned up or down. This gives you the option to turn the griddle to a low setting to keep your last batch of pancakes warm while you eat a few of the ones you have already cooked.

A proper non-stick griddle surface

The surface of any griddle needs to have a good non-stick surface. Not being able to easily turn your pancakes will only lead to them being over-cooked. The finish also needs to be durable.

Adequate fat drainage to avoid soggy pancakes

Most experienced cooks are good at judging how much fat they should apply to the griddle when cooking pancakes. They know not to use just enough to stop the batter sticking, but not so much that the pancake absorbs too much fat and turns out soggy. However, occasionally we all get things wrong, so having the ability to tilt the cooking surface very slightly, so any excess fat drains away is hand.

A griddle that is easy to clean and store

Lastly, the grill needs to be easy to clean and stow away. Ideally, you want to be able to just wipe it over and slide it back into your cupboard, once it has cooled.

OK, so that is the criteria we used. Now let´s look at the actual griddles. Most people like cooking their pancakes on electric griddles, so that is where we have focused our attention. Although, at the end of this page, we do mention two non-griddle kitchen appliances that you could potentially use to cook pancakes.

First, the comparison table, for those of you who want to quickly narrow the options and click through to buy the most likely candidate from Amazon. Below the table are more details about the electric pancake griddles and grills we have found. This information is perfect for those of you who want to know more before they buy.






Presto Ceramic Griddle 07061 22-inches with Removable Handles



This griddle really is non-stick nobody had issues with anything sticking.

The price is great. It is one of the lowest-priced Presto electric griddles currently available.

Most users loved the pancakes this griddle made.

It is super easy to clean because the handles can easily be removed allowing the entire cooking surface to be dunked. Although, you do need to dry it straight away and do so thoroughly. There is an outside chance the screws are not stainless steel, so if they stay damp they may rust.

This is quite a compact griddle, so it stows away easily with or without the legs attached.


It has a textured surface, so your pancakes will have a slight pattern in them.

Some reviewers stated that their griddle warped a little. Others said they had no problems at all.

The surface heats up OK, but not always enough at the edges, so the entire cooking area is not always suitable for cooking pancakes on.

Presto 07046 Tilt n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle


BELLA 2-in-1 Reversible Grill Griddle Combo, 1500 Watts, Ceramic Coated BPA Free


Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle


Oster CKSTGRFM18W-ECO DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray, Black/Crème


Babycakes Flip-Over Pancake Maker Orange


Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates


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